Our Letchworth Splashing Park Visit

Exactly today a month ago, we took advantage of the hot sizzling sunny day, and went to spent our afternoon at Letchworth Splashing Park. It was busy. It was brilliant! It was fun!

I thought I would do a grid like photo page this time as there are so many joyful moments while the two were running around at the park. Though it was busy, but that’s what gives the buzzing atmosphere. It is a free for all park, which was brilliant. There is also a huge playground park for both small and big kids alike. But we didn’t go there this time as the kids were too tired out at the Splashing Park already. We have been there a few times before, so you will not be disappointed if the Splashing Park is not for you. Kids will have endless fun in whatever the weather! There is a little cafe pavilion there for anyone who fancy a cuppa of something. Plus, usually there is almost always an ice-cream van hanging about trying to entice the kids with more sugar. But well… it doesn’t get hot every day, so maybe just one special cone with flakes for me is just fine. That’s a tick for our completion off one of our Summer Bucket list then. 😉

Have you been to a Splashing park this Summer? How did you find your day there?

Letchworth Splashing Parks visit ethannevelyn.com

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