The Start of Our Bookstart Bear Club Journey

Bookstart Bear Club was something that we have discovered accidentally. I wanted my kids to grow up enjoying reading and fill their world with the love of literature. So the local library was the obvious place to check into. We all joined the local library member. Then the friendly lady behind the desk told us about a free children reading club, call “Bookstart Bear Club”.

Bookstart Bear Club
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Each child is given a Bookstart Kit. There are two kits available For Babies and For Preschooler. Each starter pack contents may vary, but it is a stepping stone to sharing stories, rhymes and songs with your children.

Inside each kit contain free books, information about getting top tips on sharing books, recommendations for more books to share and a £1 book token, plus and a stamp book, or what they call it a “Passport”. (Ethan & Evelyn got theirs last year so I don’t have the picture to show the contents they received as this was before my time I decided to become a blogger. I took the books out and placed them on their bookshelves where it should be. I use the bags to keep their passport and certificates).

Bookstart Bear Club
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Each visit to the library, they can get a stamp on their passport from the lovely librarian. They can also get a stamp every time they attend a Bookstart events.

Once a week, most local libraries usually hold two Bookstart Bear Club events. The Toddler’s Tale session and the Baby Rhyme Time.

  • Toddler’s Tales involved readings by the librarian about 4 or 5 books with singings in between stories. Then the children will have a chance to do some colouring related to the theme of the day, which they can take home.
  • Baby Rhyme Time is a session where all are invited to sing and do hand and body gestures that encourages baby’s movement to sound and music of the rhyme. This last about half and hour.

Once the passport is filled with six stamps, a certificate is awarded to your child for all their hard work.

To complete their reading journey they will need to get 10 certificates, for that they will be awarded with a golden certificate and a miniature soft toy Bookstart Bear replica.

Here, Ethan received Certification #4. Six to go and he will get his bear. 🙂 (Holding his wild lavender on the other hand that he picked along the way to the library)

Back in May 2015, it was Bookstart Bear’s Birthday, and so Bookstart Bear came to visit. All of the kids were very excited and had a chance to hug the cuddly bear. Except Evelyn of course, she though it was Santa Returned in a big blue bear suit! Poor girl…

Bookstart Bear Club

Starting from next Tuesday, I will write a weekly children’s book review that Ethan or Evelyn have read previously the week before as part of their Bookstart Bear Club Journey,

Along side this, Bookstart Bear also runs a Summer Reading Challenge, but that’s another blog post entirely. This is on one of our Summer Bucket list, so the post will be coming soon!

I personally like taking my kids there to socialise with other kids as well as getting to know other parents in our local area. Plus, I now know so many children books which I never knew before. It is a world of fantastic imagination out there!

Please note, this is not a sponsor post. All words and photos are mind otherwise quoted. If you would like to know more about Bookstart Bear Club, you can pop down to your local library or check them online here.

Is your kid a member of a Book Club? Share with us how you encourage your little ones to read?

4 thoughts on “The Start of Our Bookstart Bear Club Journey

  1. Awww such a nice smile with his certificate! We only are 3 paws away from out golden certificate! But for us its 3 years in the making. We started 2012 and now its 2015 =P

    But we just started again when my son started school and started to learn how to read. Everytime we borrow a book we get stamped and that inspired him to read more and this helped us go from level 2 in his reading to level 9 when school ended!



  2. Aw this is lovely. We’ve come across Bookstall bear at our local children’s centre and we’ve just about worn out the packs we were given. I didn’t know about the library and the passports which sound great! We’ll have to check them out and we’ll look forward to your book reviews. 🙂


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