Make your own Summer fruity cocktails ice lollies!

Inspired by Life Unexpected’s Pear and Avocado Ice lollies, I really want to try making my own lollies too! Then I looked into my fridge… Nope, I don’t have either pear or avocado. Hmm… what next, looked into the freezer… Arh Ha! I will call it “Summer fruity cocktails ice lollies!” I have ingredients with me: coconuts watermelons peaches, … More Make your own Summer fruity cocktails ice lollies!

Bubble Painting

Come end of term and we would like to thank our nursery Teachers for looking after Ethan throughout the year. Ethan always loves to get messy with paint and he also likes to blow bubbles. So Pinterest has answered my pray >>> Bubble Painting! Then we had a go. Here’s how it went… We had … More Bubble Painting

Printing Feathers

It seem to be the norm now that whenever when we go out and about Ethan seem to be picking up lots of odd things he likes such as feathers, rocks, flowers, sticks and stones. You name it we’ve got them all. He would placed them in the buggy. By the end of each and everyday, I … More Printing Feathers

A Bedtime Story.

I was pretty tired today, so instead of reading my four year old son a few books my eyes were closing by the end of the first. When finished I usually sleep with him until he drifted off. But today I just wanted to sleep. He kept wriggling, tossing and turning. I gave him warnings … More A Bedtime Story.